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Additional Car Wash Services

#5 Pickups, Vans, Wagons, SUV add

#6 Air Fragrance              

#7 Sealer Wax

#8 Floor Mats 

#9 Rim Cleaner

#10 Door Jams Cleaned

#11 Under Carriage & Rust Inhibitor 

#12 Trunks Vacuumed

#13 Tireshine 

#14 Rain X

#15 Vacuum Interior

#16 Clean Window Interior 

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In Southern Maryland we’re faced with many elements ... mold, pollen, salt and exposure to the sun, trees, bugs, and more. A simple wash, at least every few weeks, is an easy way to keep up your car’s appearance. Each time your car is washed, it’s important to clean the interior including vacuuming the carpet, cleaning the dashboard, console and windows. Thinking of selling your car? Detailing restores your car to its ultimate beauty and increases its resale value. Check out our detailing service.

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Which package is right for you?

#1 Rain X Package                                  $28.95

  1. Includes #2, #3, and #4

  2. Rain X

#2 Basic Wash Plus                                $22.95

  1. Includes #3 and #4

  2. Air Fragrance
    Rim Cleaner
    Chemical Bug Remover
    Triple Foam Polish
    Rust Inhibitor
    Door Jams

#3 Basic Wash                                       $17.95

  1. Includes #4

  2. Vacuum Interior
    Under Carriage
    Sealer Wax
    Clean Inside Windows
    Gently Wash/Towel Dry Exterior

#4 Express Wash                                 $11.95

  1. Pre-Soak
    Exterior Wash
    Wheel Foam
    Wipe Down

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